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Global risk negatively impacts the maritime industry daily; causing major issues and disruptions with the delivery of cargo and movement of passengers; costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues.  ARMS is a state of the art risk management software platform that provides real time geographically relevant risk intelligence to vessels at sea, while integrating specific response protocols, and providing a secure portal for vessels to report risk and communicate with shore side management.  ARMS also provides an information portal for Flag State and Class society updates along with geospecific NAVTEX information.  ARMS provides unique real-time intelligence, directly to vessels, to help them better manage risk and reduce operating costs.

Dynamic Clients…Dynamic Solutions

Maritime Risk Consulting

IMSA client focused risk management solutions help vessel and facility clients manage their risk, meeting regulatory requirements, and secure their people and property. IMSA specialists provide a variety of regulatory compliance plans, risk assessments, security project management, and security audits to ensure our clients have the best security program in place to meet regulatory compliance while protecting their people and assets worldwide.

Maritime Risk Solutions

IMSA developed an extensive database of worldwide maritime risk intelligence data and information. We continue to expand the data gathering to include, media, social media, government sources, private, and proprietary data sources. We are working to further develop our suite of analytics to improve the usefulness of our data. Our primary focus is to gather, analyze, process, and distribute strategic and tactical maritime risk data and information to the maritime market to help our clients make more informed risk management decisions.

Our Expertise

IMSA is a veteran owned maritime security, maritime technology and maritime software development company. We are experts in maritime security and focus our service offerings on maritime technology and software solutions along with the integration of human solutions to help our clients maintain compliance, manage maritime threats and risk, and reduce vessel operational costs. IMSA is founded on the principles of empowering people to improve results through the use of software and technology.

The IMSA Global management staff and maritime professionals work with each client to reduce operating Security cameracosts. IMSA offers a variety of services (maritime risk management, maritime regulatory compliance, maritime  security professional staffing, maritime threat analysis, maritime technology, maritime consulting, and training) so clients have one point of contact. Bundling multiple services reduces long term program costs. Our team can work with our client’s insurance company to develop a dynamic risk mitigation program that reduces exposure.   IMSA professionals understand how to develop a cost-effective customized solution based on each client’s requirements and budget while maximizing the use of people, software and technology. 

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