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Global risk negatively impacts the maritime industry daily; causing major issues and disruptions with the delivery of cargo and movement of passengers; costing the industry billions of dollars in lost revenues, increased insurance and operating costs.  ARMS™ is a state of the art, first of its kind risk management software platform that provides real time geographically relevant risk intelligence to vessels at sea, while integrating specific response protocols, and providing a secure portal for vessels to report risk and communicate with shore side management.  The ARMS™ platform is supported by IMSA’s exclusive Global Intelligence, Information and Communications Center (G-I2C), providing a 24/7 offshore emergency support reach-back call center for vessels worldwide.  ARMS™ also provides an information portal for Flag State and Class society updates along with Geo-specific NAVTEX information.  


Dynamic Clients. Dynamic Solutions.

The IMSA™ executive management staff and global professionals each possess close to twenty years of field experience and are recognized in many cases as experts in maritime law enforcement/security; maritime risk management; regulatory compliance; training; and world-compassinternational operations.  We provide commercial “off-the-shelf” and custom tailored solutions to our commercial, government and military clients to help them assess and improve their risk management; security; training; and regulatory compliance programs.  Our professionals and executive staff work with each client to develop strategies to improve program management;  mitigate relevant risk and security issues; while reducing insurance exposure and operating costs.  IMSA integrates, people, software and technology to improve your day to day operations.  Confidentiality of all of our client operations and mission is paramount to the success of all of our client-centered programs.

Offshore Emergency Support

Through our state of the art Global Intelligence, Information and Communications Center (G-I2C) we provide our vessel clients with 24/7 offshore emergency support. The experienced IMSA™ watch-standers understand the dynamic, unpredictable maritime environment and provide you with one source to help mitigate and notify the appropriate response organization based on your specific protocols.

Shipboard Training Management

Shipboard training can be costly and hard to manage. IMSA has the solution through our exclusive Learning Management System (LMS). Vessels and shore-side support personnel can now easily manage and update training programs across all aspects of vessel operations. Our easy to use interface provides training managers with the ability to customize and easily update shipboard training programs and track personnel progress.

Technology Program Management

Detection systems are complex and require specialized management to successfully maintain and deploy these systems in field operations. IMSA professionals are experts in various detection systems. Our team members can develop and manage the maintenance, training, and deployment schedules, improving the field utilization and equipment “up-time” performance to improve overall mission readiness.

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