Critical Information for Superior Insights

Real-Time Information

The maritime environment is unforgiving, where lack of critical information and errors in judgement can cost lives, cargo, property and add billions in extra expenses to your bottom line.  The global economy is connected through the oceans as 90% of all the goods we use daily travel via the ocean.  There is an incident involving a vessel every two to three days where over 1000 lives are lost each year along with hundreds of millions of dollars in cargo.  International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA) is forging the next generation of maritime risk management solutions, pioneering the use of human intelligence, technology and big data with real-time information to help you improve operations, reduce costs, and save lives.IMSA is a veteran owned, maritime risk management company providing each client with the most up to date critical information through the award-winning (click HERE) ARMS Software Platform (Automated Risk Management Solution).  ARMS provides real-time, location specific, critical intelligence directly to mariners at sea via an easy to use dashboard that automatically updates through a low bandwidth satellite connection.  IMSA provides additional services in cyber security, risk management, maritime regulatory compliance, and maritime security.  Through our in-house capabilities and extensive partner network, we are able to provide services to our shipboard and shore-side clients worldwide. 


Cyber security threats continue to plague all aspects of the maritime industry including large yachts, cargo lines, and cruise lines.  Threats evolve daily through direct and indirect means costing the industry billions.  IMSA provides clients a full suite of cyber security services to help clients meet the requirements of the IMO 2021 Cyber-Security Regulations.  


Our experts create and manage general maritime security plans along with ISPS/MTSA compliance plans for facilities and vessels of any type.  We have a network of worldwide professionals to help keep you in compliance, solve complex problems, train your staff on any regulatory or plan changes, and act as your direct liaison on flag state issues.


Vessels and facilities need outside third party experts to review security plans, procedures, and training.  Our experienced team members can be your outside trusted source to review physical security plans along with cyber security plans/procedures to ensure your vessel and/or facilities meet the latest industry standards and compliance.

Integrating People – Information – Technology

The primary focus at IMSA™ is to help mariners and the maritime industry improve their operations by providing better information and intelligence through the ARMS platform and our G-i2C.  Many of our global professionals possess close to twenty years of individual field experience and are recognized as experts in maritime intelligence, maritime law enforcement/security; global maritime risk management; regulatory compliance; technology management; training; and international operations.