ARMS - Automated Risk Management Solution

Protecting Crews | Reducing Risk | Improving Operations | Reducing Costs

Terrorist threats continue to escalate in the maritime and non-maritime environments effecting vessel and port operations with renewed threats against large yachts and cruise lines in the Mediterranean Sea.

Port Delays costs shipping companies millions in extra operating costs and reduce vessel efficiency. Cargo delivery delays also increase costs for shipping companies thereby negatively affecting the consumer.

Piracy and maritime security incidents continue to escalate around the world resulting in injuries, lost lives, ransoms, damaged assets, stolen goods, prolonged delays in the movement of goods, and lost business opportunities.

Migrants flee Northern Africa and the Middle East by the hundreds of thousands with embedded terrorists.

Major disease outbreaks are spreading causing numerous issues for crews and passengers along with negative media exposure.

Weather events, including hurricanes, typhoons, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, complicate vessel movements and result in the loss of life and property along with negative media exposure. Shipping companies face port delays and closures due to terrorist activity, civil unrest, congestion, and natural disasters.


Global risks and threats continue to increase and negatively impact the maritime industry, costing billions of dollars in additional operating costs, insurance premiums, and negative publicity.

Real-time, relevant, actionable intelligence does not reach vessel crews or shore side decision makers in a timely manner…UNTIL NOW.



This award winning unique software platform is changing how and when vessels, shore side managers, and the logistics industry receives risk and threat intelligence (click on the video above to hear the ARMS story). Risk and threat information is provided automatically to vessels and shore side managers based on the geographic position of the risk/threat to the vessel (cargo, cruise, large yacht), while integrating the vessel’s response protocols, and providing a secure portal for vessels to report risk. The key to the ARMS™ platform is IMSA’s Global Intelligence, Information, and Communications Center (G-I2C). Within this state of the art facility, the highly experienced G-I2C watch standers gather, correlate, validate, and disseminate near real-time intelligence through the ARMS™ platform and provide vessels with 24/7 worldwide support through the Comms-Link Connect operations.

Key ARMS Advantages:

Real-time RISK/THREAT Alerts to vessels based on geo-location

24/7 Intelligence through IMSA’s exclusive, state of the art, Global Intelligence, Information, and Communications Center (G-I2C)

Reduced operating costs due to better risk/threat management and planning resources to avoid issues and delays

Reliable dissemination of alerts via the vessel’s satellite communications system

Ability to Personalize Procedures and Response Protocols and align to regulatory agencies, company protocols and insurance requirements

Notification tabs for information from Flag State, Class Society, Company, and relevant Government agencies

Distributed Awareness allows captains, crew members, owners and vessel management to have access to the same information at the same time

Fleet/Management dashboards provide fleet managers and shore side personnel with the ability to see the location of their vessels, understand the threats affecting their vessels, and help them better manage risks while reducing costs

Risk/Threat Information Provided:

Port/Canal/Waterway delays or closures

Civil unrest affecting ports, canals, marinas or waterways

Piracy or maritime security issues (including worldwide migrant movements)

Major worldwide disease outbreaks and health related issues

Major weather issues

Worldwide Notice to Mariners (NAVTEX) and GMDSS distress information

Cyber Security Threats and Issues