Offshore Emergency Support

One Number | One Call | One Team

As a vessel captain you need reliable, experienced Offshore Emergency Support during critical situations. The right team can sometimes mean the difference between catastrophe or a contained situation. Our experienced team provides complete Offshore Emergency Support to vessels worldwide through our state of the art Global Intelligence, Information, and Communications Center (G-I2C). Our G-I2C watch standers follow your specific response protocols to notify the appropriate shore side company, agent, management personnel or government agency. Our team members are prior Coast Guard, international military, or experienced watch standers who understand the unpredictable dynamics of the maritime environment. Our team is on call 24/7 to help you mitigate and contain emergency situations.

  • Medical

    We will connect you directly to your preferred medical provider for immediate tele-medical support.

  • Maritime Security

    Whether you are at-sea or at-anchor, we can provide assistance based on the particular security issue.

  • Fire

    The G-I2C will contact the appropriate emergency response agencies along with other non-response organizations (flag, class, management, agent, owner, etc.).

  • Flooding

    The G-I2C will contact appropriate emergency response along with non-emergency response support organizations including your towing/salvage provider.

  • Collisions

    The G-I2C will provide the appropriate initial notifications based on vessel protocols, captain’s recommendation or management company input.

  • Groundings

    Groundings can be life threatening. The G-I2C can start emergency response and towing services while you work the problem. Other notifications can be made to flag, class, owner, and others.

  • Mechanical

    The G-I2C will connect your vessel directly to your support providers to assist with the repair of the mechanical failure and work with your manager/agent to get necessary parts.

  • Other

    The IMSA G-I2C is your main support organization during all emergencies no matter how big or small. Let us communicate so you can concentrate on solving the problem.