ARMS – IMSA and Bluewater Bridge Services Partnership

October 2017





Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services and International Maritime Security Associates partner to deliver ARMS software platform to maritime industry

Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Chattanooga, Tennessee— Vessel crews don’t receive timely information on the risks and threats they face at sea. Information currently comes through a variety of means (if at all) and doesn’t typically reach crew members in time for them to make decisions to mitigate risks and threats. International Maritime Security Associates, INC (IMSA) developed the ARMS software platform ( to provide real-time risk and threat information that is geographically relevant to vessels at sea. The software platform is support by IMSA’s Global Intelligence, Information and Communications Center (G-I2C), staffed 24/7 with experienced watch-standers covering worldwide risks and threats. IMSA has partnered with industry leader, Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services to launch the software platform into the maritime industry.
“We are very excited about the ARMS platform and how it is going to change the maritime industry. We have a great partner in Bluewater. They have experience in the large yacht market, managing bridge services to keep their customers organized and in compliance.” Comments Corey Ranslem, Chief Executive Officer of IMSA. “The ARMS platform compliments the services Bluewater already offers their existing clients.”
John J. Mann III President of Bluewater added “We are excited about our new partnership with IMSA and know that their new ARMS software platform will complement the support that we currently provide to our large yacht customers”.
“Bluewater’s outstanding industry reputation along with their presence in the North American region and expanding presence through the UK and Europe makes them a great partner because they understand the challenges faced by the industry,” remarks Ranslem.

About International Maritime Security Associates, INC
IMSA is a client centered, veteran owned, global risk management, technology and consulting firm dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality service by trained professionals and the most up to date technology solutions to cost-effectively mitigate risks, threats and regulatory compliance. For further information, contact IMSA at +1 234 312 4855, [email protected] |
About Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services
Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services is the yachting industry’s leading purveyor of large yacht navigation products and services. Serving the marine industry for over 30 years, we offer you a wide range of services to help you travel the world’s oceans safely, while complying with the most current regulations and standards. For further information contact Bluewater Bridge Services +1-866-609-8951 or +1-954-880-9800 [email protected]

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