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IMSA Launches Remote Cyber Assessment Capability

INTERNATIONAL MARITIME SECURITY ASSOCIATES (IMSA) LAUNCHES REMOTE CYBER VULNERABILITY SCANNING CAPABILITIES FOR SHIPS FOR IMO 2021 COMPLIANCE Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Vessels worldwide are now facing compliance with IMO 2021 cyber security regulations.  These are the first of what could be additional cyber security regulations for regulated vessels and facilities.  International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA), […]

Are International Cyber Regulations Going to Help?

You’ve probably heard of a vessel, management company or large maritime organization that has been the victim of a cyber security attack. It happens within this industry on almost a daily basis. Many cyber experts believe the maritime industry has seen an increase of over 900% when it comes to attacks against critical infrastructure within […]

Secure at Sea: The growing pains of cyber-security

Secure at Sea: The Growing Pains of Cyber-Security By Corey D. Ranslem June 20,2018 **This Column originally appeared in The Triton Nautical Newspaper (https://www.the-triton.com/2018/06/secure-at-sea-the-growing-pains-of-cyber-security/)** When I heard about it, I was amazed but not surprised. The high-roller database at a major casino recently had been completely compromised. The attack vector: the IoT (Internet of Things) […]