Specialized Government Programs

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International Maritime Security Associates, INC (IMSA™) is an experienced, veteran owned small business with offices in Florida and Tennessee. We are currently working through our Hubzone certification to provide greater contracting flexibility to our government clients and partners. Our contracting specialists and the executive team have over 20 years of experience in federal government and military contracting programs. The majority owners of the company are veterans and have experience in maritime law enforcement and security; risk management; software and technology development; maritime operational training program development; readiness training and development; tactical shipboard training programs; program management; and strategic consulting. Our professionals provide government agencies and the military with cost effective programs and solutions utilizing our unique personnel, technology and software platforms. Each solution or strategic program is custom tailored to each client’s specific contracting program requirements. Our corporate flexibility and extensive personnel network provides for easy team member deployments to projects around the world.

Detection Systems Program Management

Detection systems are complex and require specialized management programs to successfully maintain and deploy these systems in field operations. IMSA professionals are experts in various detection systems including trace detection IMS systems (narcotics/explosives); field infrared spectroscopy; RAMAN; checkpoint and package x-ray systems; toxic industrial chemical; CW agent; biological and radiation detection systems. Our team members can develop and manage the maintenance, training, and deployment schedules, improving the field utilization and equipment “up-time” performance to improve overall mission readiness.

Security and Detection Equipment Purchase and Utilization Programs

Maintenance and training are only part of a successful systems deployment. IMSA team members work with our government and military clients to develop short and long term equipment life cycle utilization programs along with the long term replacement schedules. Detection system field readiness is the driving factor behind these programs to help better equip front line professionals.

Strategic Port Security/Risk Management Feasibility Assessments

Ports around the world continue to be major targets for terrorists, smugglers, and criminals. Ports and their constituent terminal operators need to continuously review and understand the potential threats and vulnerabilities facing their facilities. IMSA provides strategic feasibility studies along with real-time risk and threat information. A typical feasibility study will provide ports with a complete overview of threats, vulnerabilities along with potential security weaknesses. Through the extensive evaluation process, IMSA provides feedback so operators can improve their operations, reduce costs, and reduce insurance exposure. IMSA also provides risk assessments on external ports and facilities for government and military operations.

Maritime Risk Management and Security Plan Reviews

Ports and maritime facilities worldwide are required to develop and maintain security compliance plans for IMO and state regulations. IMSA experts provide our government clients with expert plan review services. Our unbiased third party review of facility security plans, ensures they meet strict domestic and international regulatory standards.

Training Program Development

Training programs ensure field personnel are ready to deploy and execute their missions. IMSA professionals have designed and implemented a number of law enforcement and Coast Guard related basic, advanced and tactical training programs both inside and outside military and government operations. Our experts work with each client to develop specific mission related training courses or long term training programs. We can also provide evaluations of current training programs to determine their overall effectiveness within the existing mission structure.

Custom Tailored Programs

IMSA professionals can custom tailor an equipment management, training, readiness, feasibility or other program specific to the needs of a client. These programs can be developed for short or long term utilization.