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COVID19 Track

Chattanooga Data Center Tracks Coronavirus for Global Clients at Sea

Chattanooga is the nerve center for a company tracking the coronavirus and its effects on the paths and plans of ships at sea. “It’s changing on a minute-by-minute basis, and we’re really working to try to stay updated specifically for data that would affect maritime traffic,” said Corey Ranslem, the CEO of International Maritime Security Associates.…
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ARMS Tracking COVID19

Tracking COVID19 through ARMS

International Maritime Security Associates is now providing live tracking of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) through their ARMS shipboard platform.  Mariners at sea can access live information on the concentration of the disease, the closures (port and other) related to the disease and any quarantine information for vessels/crew anywhere in the world.  The platform updates every 10…
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COVID-19 and the Maritime Industry

Exposure…A Potential Security Risk to VesselsBy Corey D. Ranslem (This article originally appeared in The Triton nautical newspaper: It isn’t typical for a security columnist to write about a virus or disease outbreak.  However, this column is called Secure@Sea, so understanding the basics of the novel coronavirus outbreak is important to the overall safety…
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“Swim Buddy” Keeps Crew Safe

Secure at Sea: ‘Swim buddy’ keeps crew safe By Corey D. Ranslem(article originally appeared in The Triton Newspaper: ) “Swim buddy” is a term that still rattles around in my brain. It was a term we used a lot while I was in the U.S. Coast Guard, especially on the law enforcement teams. Whenever…
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AIS Fraught with Vulnerabilities

AIS Fraught with Vulnerabilities  by Corey D. Ranslem (article originally appeared in The Triton newspaper: ( ) AIS, or automatic identification system, has been around for about 20 years. The International Maritime Organization required the first AIS systems back in 2002 on certain types of vessels in critical areas of the world as an update to…
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Communication Support

UTC’s SimCenter helping IMSA advance technology through RevV program grant

Networks, connections and introductions do really matter as any successful entrepreneur knows. That’s certainly the case with a new project underway in Chattanooga, thanks to an introduction that one spouse made for another. Tony Skjellum, Director of the SimCenter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), was introduced months ago to Corey Ranslem, Chief…
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Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Scenic City

November 1st, 2018 From the Times Free Press: IMSA Mentioned in Entrepreneurship Article about building the entrepreneur eco-system in Chattanooga: When Stephen Culp moved from Silicon Valley to the Tennessee Valley in 1998 to launch Smart Furniture and one of Chattanooga’s first venture capital funds, the Stanford University law graduate got all of his money…
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IMSA’s new ARMS Software Launched at FLIBS

By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA Why would a company focused on risk management for the high-value maritime industry want to have a major presence in Chattanooga? When you think about it, the answer is obvious – it’s the first city in the nation with a gigabit network. “A big factor was cost in…
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IMSA and Bluewater Partner to Launch ARMS Software

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  INTERNATIONAL MARITIME SECURITY ASSOCIATES (IMSA) TO LAUNCH THE AWARD-WINNING ARMS SOFTWARE PLATFORM AT FLIBS 2018  IMSA teams up with industry leader Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services to Provide Ground Breaking Software Platform to the Large Yacht Industry. (  Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Risks and threats facing the maritime industry continue to evolve around…
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Secure at Sea: Yachts Tempt Thieves, Especially in South Florida

Yachts Tempt Thieves, Especially in South Florida By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical newspaper in October of 2018 ( That’s usually the response you get when you hear about the theft of a yacht. Yachts are tempting targets for thieves.  Florida, and particularly South Florida, continues to hold the…
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HudsonTrident and IMSA Announce Strategic Teaming Agreement

//Camden, New Jersey ( 15 October, 2018; 0900 EDT) Today IMSA ( of Fort Lauderdale, FL and Chattanooga, TN, and HudsonAnalytix, Inc., of Camden NJ, through its maritime security and cyber risk management affiliates, HudsonTrident and HudsonCyber, respectively (“Hudson”), are pleased to announce they have entered into a Strategic Teaming Agreement ( to offer comprehensive…
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ARMS Maritime Risk Intelligence Platform Finishes Testing

New Maritime Risk Intelligence Platform Finishes Testing By John Paul Hampstead **This article originally appeared in Freightwaves in October of 2018 ( International Maritime Security Associates’ (IMSA) maritime intelligence software product ARMS (Automated Risk Management Solution) has completed testing and been installed on IMSA’s first client, a large yacht. FreightWaves reported on the initiation of testing…
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Secure at Sea: Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors

Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical newspaper in September 2018 ( “Small vessel rapidly approaching from the port quarter!” is something no captain or bridge watch stander wants to hear when transiting through a high-risk area. When discussing shipboard security, the topic…
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Secure at Sea: Cybersecurity Laws Lacking when it comes to Yachts

Secure at Sea: Cybersecurity Laws Lacking when it comes to Yachts By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appear in The Triton Nautical newspaper in August of 2018 (Secure at Sea: Cybersecurity laws lacking when it comes to yachts). It is hard to realistically determine the number of cyberattacks that take place within a given…
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Secure at Sea: VSAT Attacks, Crypto-Jacking Expand Hackers’ Arsenal

Secure at Sea: VSAT attacks, Crypto-Jacking Expand Hackers’ Arsenal By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical Newspaper in July of 2018 (  “The British are coming! The British are coming!” was the famous cry of Paul Revere on his midnight ride to alert the American colonial militia of the approaching…
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Secure at Sea: The growing pains of cyber-security

Secure at Sea: The Growing Pains of Cyber-Security By Corey D. Ranslem June 20,2018 **This Column originally appeared in The Triton Nautical Newspaper (** When I heard about it, I was amazed but not surprised. The high-roller database at a major casino recently had been completely compromised. The attack vector: the IoT (Internet of Things)…
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IMSA Forecasts Smooth Sailing in Chattanooga

May 30, 2018 By Christina Siebold, Q Strategies When you think of Chattanooga, you probably don’t think of ocean-going threats like weather patterns on the Pacific or piracy.  But for one new venture, the Scenic City is the safest place to locate their business helping ships avoid obstacles on the high seas. In fact, for…
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Yacht safety entails facing threats in multiple dimensions

Secure at Sea: by Corey Ranslem May 8th, 2018 (Originally appeared in The Triton nautical newspaper in the May 2018 issue) When I joined the U.S. Coast Guard, I was 24 years old and had a promising career in television. It felt crazy to give up what I had been doing to jump into a…
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8 Companies to Watch in 2018

IMSA Selected as one of the 8 Companies to Watch in 2018 Chattanooga business and lifestyles magazine selected 8 companies in Chattanooga to watch in 2018.  IMSA was selected to be a part of the incredible group of innovative companies.  Click on the link below to read the full article posted in the March issues…
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Blockchain and the Maritime Industry

Blockchain and the Maritime Industry By Corey D. Ranslem, IMSA The mainstream popularity of crypto-currencies has exploded in the past couple of years. News coverage on the currencies and their wild movements is covered almost hourly via business news and now mainstream media. However, there is a very interesting technology called Blockchain that is used…
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January 4th 2018  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  INTERNATIONAL MARITIME SECURITY ASSOCIATES (IMSA) CEO TO PRESENT AT THE REFIT INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE  The IMSA CEO will be speaking on global maritime risk management and provide a current overview of some key threats in the maritime environment during the 3rd annual Refit International Exhibition and Conference.  Fort…
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Alert System Wins Innovator Award

From The Triton Nautical Newspaper November 29, 2017 A new software platform that provides real-time, onboard alerts for maritime uses received the Chattanooga Technology Council’s Early Innovator Award in November. The beta version of ARMS displays risk and threat information to vessels at sea that is geo-location specific, according to Corey Ranslem, chief executive officer…
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Local Maritime Business Continues to Grow after ChaTech Recognition

November 13, 2017 From When officials called local entrepreneur Corey Ranslem to tell him his business was in the running for the Chattanooga Technology Council’s Early Innovator Award, he tried to turn it down. He was appreciative but didn’t think the company he co-founded, International Maritime Security Associates Inc., had progressed far enough to be recognized, he…
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Visa and Entry Issues White Paper

White Paper on Visa and Entry Issues for the Large Yacht Industry by John Mann and Corey Ranslem Introduction: The large yacht industry has dealt with visa and entry issues for several years.  The industry trade organizations have dedicated time through various committees to address these issues with differing levels of concentration depending on the…
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Maritime Risk Intelligence Platform Set for Testing

October 27th, 2017 (from Cargo and passenger vessels on the high seas face a multitude of threats and risks that affect decision-making, from delays at canals to illegal migrant traffic, major weather events, and even disease outbreaks. For decades, the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), which had its origin in the 1979 International Convention…
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Maritime data firm that relocated to Chattanooga wins CHATech award

(from the Times Free Press Chattanooga) October 21, 2017 Chattanooga, Tennessee:  Chattanooga is more than 400 miles from the nearest ocean, but the city’s high-speed internet links, reliable power and low cost of living helped make it the choice of an emerging maritime business that relocated here last year. International Maritime Security Associates, a software startup…
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IMSA Teams With STEM School Chattanooga

October 10, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  STEM School Chattanooga Partners with IMSA for a real-world student project.  International Maritime Security Associates is excited to partner with STEM School Chattanooga to offer a real-world opportunity for their students.  |Chattanooga, Tennessee— The classroom goes real world.  Each quarter STEM School Chattanooga students have the opportunity to select…
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ARMS Platform Nominated for Early Innovator Award

October 4, 2017 Chattanooga, TN; ChaTech, the Chattanooga Technology Council, will confer its Early Innovator Award at the Spirit of Innovation Luncheon on Oct. 20.  The award, sponsored this year by Unum, is given annually to an emerging, local, technology-based company with a groundbreaking product, process, software application or other invention. See the full story HERE…
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ARMS – IMSA and Bluewater Bridge Services Partnership

October 2017   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DYNAMIC PARTNERSHIP CHANGES HOW VESSELS RECEIVE IMPORTANT RISK AND THREAT INFORMATION AS PART OF BRIDGE MANAGEMENT   Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services and International Maritime Security Associates partner to deliver ARMS software platform to maritime industry Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Chattanooga, Tennessee— Vessel crews don’t receive timely information on the…
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The Day of the Seafarer…Maritime Jobs Matter

The Day of the Seafarers…Maritime Jobs Matter by Corey Ranslem, International Maritime Security Associates, INC Economics and politics continue to dominate world headlines as the United States is coming into the final stage of the 2016 presidential election.  Many world economies show signs of continued decline or lack luster growth.  Shipping companies are removing ships…
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IMSA Launches Offshore Emergency Support Service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  IMSA LAUNCHES OFFSHORE EMERGENCY SUPPORT SERVICE TO SUPPORT VESSELS WORLDWIDE  New Offshore Emergency Support Service brings an experienced team to help vessels during emergency situations  Miami, Florida— Vessel crews face a variety of urgent and emergency situations while they are underway, most of the time with little or no experienced shore side…
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Somali Pirates…is the Chaos Returning?

Its back in the international news again…Somali Pirates are becoming more active.  It has been a few years since an attempted attack and even longer since a successful hijacking.  However, we have seen more activity; and the potential promise of activity; in this region over the past 4-5 weeks than the last 4 years.  People…
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#vlog episode 115. #seafarers are continuing to experience hardships and issues related to the inability of crew changes worldwide. Here are some updates to hopefully get things moving:
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Crew member suicides are becoming a big issue during #COVID19 #crewchange onboard vessels aren't near normal levels. This week on the VLOG we discuss crew mental health;
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Updates on the crew change out restrictions for the #maritime industry on this weeks VLOG.
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We had fun with our partners @BWSuperyacht since the barber shops are closed. #COVID19 #barbershop #havingfun #HairCutAtHome

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