Cyber Security Resilience

Detection | Management | Mitigation


Cyber Security issues continue to plague the maritime environment on a constant basis.  Threat vectors continue to rapidly change and advance in many cases faster than cyber security defenses.  The IMSA cyber security experts and our partner company, Resolvn Maritime provide services specifically for the maritime industry, including facilities, vessels (cargo, cruise, large yacht), shipyards, and cargo facilities.  Most vessels and facilities along with their shore side IT providers don't have the basic cyber-security measures in place or have the ability to maintain the security portion of the networks. Our team can work with your from the beginning of any project.  We first look at network design and recommend any changes.  Through IMSA's G-i2C Cyber SOC, we can provide cyber management and monitoring or any vessel or network anywhere in the world.


We have an extensive network of cyber security experts along with a constantly updated library of cyber related threats.  ARMS customers can also see active threats through their platform user interface and know their shipboard networks are fully protected.

Network Security Design/Development

Network security audits and assessments

Cyber security compliance

Regulatory audits for national or flag state compliance

Full-time live network monitoring and mitigation