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Lawsuits and legal issues are time consuming and expensive.  Maritime related litigation is complex and typically involves multiple domestic and occasionally international jurisdictions.  There are very few credible maritime security related expert witnesses who truly understand the legal complexities and regulatory compliance requirements of the industry.  The chief executive officer of IMSA has been involved in the maritime industry for almost 24 years and is a recognized expert witness and consultant in U.S. Federal Court.  He has worked numerous cases as a maritime security expert and understands how to explain complex maritime security issues to clients and juries.  The IMSA team now provides expert witnesses and consultants for cases around the world.

We have an extensive contact network of law firms and attorneys around the world to help mitigate your specific maritime issue.  Our extensive database contains over 150 lawyers and law firms that practice in most maritime related jurisdictions around the world.  We focus on solution based services that keep you on track.

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